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Get value for your money with design-driven jersey production.
Quality fine knits, trusted by some of the world's hottest brands.

  • 95 M
  • 4.5 K
  • 17 M
    Pieces per year
  • 4
  • 3


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Tropic Logo Tropic
Great Design Speaks Louder Than Words
  • 85 M
    Turnover (USD)
  • 17 M
    pieces / year
  • 3

We'll let you in on our secret: every Tropic garment is the result of a design driven-process.
That's our secret recipe and every one of our 4,000 talents knows it.​

We have grown quality down to a science. 

Reliable fashion should be accessible, and so we’ve made Tropic a one-stop shop for all your men's, ladies' and kids' knits needs.
Our presence in Mauritius, Madagascar and India, allows us to deliver a holistic offer to the world's hottest brands.

Today, Tropic produces 17 million garments and we can't wait to partner with you. 

Do you feel special? We have a “D2C” (Design to customer) solution for you. 

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CDL logo CDL
For circular knits that last
  • 10 M
    Turnover (USD)
  • 3600
    T / year
  • 0.5 K

At CDL, we cherish durability.
Today, our Mauritius based facility is a world reference to deliver fabrics using recycled raw materials through sustainable processes. 
From Day 1, we’ve invested our energy to develop specialty cotton and blended fabrics with tremendous finishes and hand-feel. 

Looking for a timeless jersey fabric ? Or hunting for a hand-made all over print? We’ll do it!
Agility? YES. Boredom? NEVER!

Our 500 talents bring passion to deliver yearly 3,600T of fabric to demanding manufacturers worldwide including Tropic, our sister company.

Eager to work with us? 

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