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Enhancing connectivity: Aquarelle India's link road project for nearby villagers

Championing inclusive growth is a major part of CIEL Textile's ethos. It guides our efforts wherever we operate.

Malagasy children discover their refreshed school thanks to Floreal Antsirabe

Reiterating its commitment to education, Floreal Antsirabe gifted public school "Sainte Thérèse de l'enfant Jésus" with a major makeover which certainly had a tremendous impact. 

Aquarelle Madagascar goes the extra smile

Say cheese! Earlier this year, 125 children affected by cleft palate condition woke up from their successful surgery to discover their new smiles, and beautiful toiletry bags made with love by Aquarelle Antsirabe teams. 

From scraps to sustainable paper trims: Laguna India's initiative to reduce textile waste

At CIEL Textile, we’re aiming to improve fashion through technology and sustainability. Recently, our efforts led to an amazing accomplishment at Laguna India: turning textile waste into sustainable trims! 

Empowering education: Aquarelle Antsirabe transforms a public primary school in Madagascar

In April 2023, our teams at Aquarelle Antsirabe embarked on an ambitious project: giving École Primaire Publique (EPP) Mandaniresaka a nice glow-up.  

Over 90,000 trees planted in Madagascar by CIEL Textile teams

At CIEL Textile, we're passionate about creating a brighter, greener tomorrow!

Meet CIEL Textile’s talent: Anirwan Bansriyar

“I fell in love with art and paintings as a kid, thanks to the culturally rich region I come from,” Anirwan Bansriyar, Director of Product and Design at

Environmental values have always been at the heart of CIEL Textile's DNA

Business Files: Interview with Quentin Thorel, Group Head of Sustainability at CIEL Textile - article published in Business Magazine Number 1638 (3-9 April 2024)