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Act for our Environment 2024: Growing green together at CIEL Textile

Over 3,000 CIEL Textile employees across four countries weren't just showing up for work—they were showing up for the planet! 

Act for our Environment, CIEL Textile's annual commitment to the environment, brings all our business units together for a collective effort toward environmental sustainability. This year, the United Nation’s World Environment Day focused on land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience. Our colleagues across Mauritius, Madagascar, India, and Bangladesh truly embraced this cause. 

With 31 awesome partners by our side, we got our hands dirty in the best way possible. From reforestation and coastal area restoration to waste upcycling and awareness campaigns, the impact was massive. We estimate our initiatives benefitted over 15,000 people and the planet! 


Plantations that support local ecosystems 

Employees across CIEL Textile got busy planting! Aquarelle and Laguna teams in Mauritius joined forces for endemic plant reforestation, while Tropic Mauritius focused on reviving coastal mangroves. Similar stories unfolded across the other business units – endemic tree plantations, schoolyard restorations, and even distributing saplings to underprivileged farmers. 

Floreal Antsirabe (Madagascar) partnered with the Missouri Botanical Garden to plant trees and medicinal plants in schools and protected areas. CDL Mauritius greened up prisons, roads, and their factory with native trees! 

Aquarelle India planted trees in hospitals, schools, forests, and their facilities. The Samudra team went a step further, distributing saplings to Indian farmers and promoting vermiculture. 


Championing community awareness  

Several business units also organized awareness campaigns and well-being initiatives with their neighbors. Aquarelle Antsirabe (Madagascar) worked alongside NGOs supporting differently abled people for their plantation activities, proving that kindness and ecology are the ultimate BFFs. Tropic India channeled their positive spirit, cleaning up a local dam and spreading eco-awareness among teams. Floreal Bangladesh also joined the green wave by planting trees to support local ecosystems. 


Waste upcycling and clean-ups 

Aquarelle Samudra's "Wealth Out of Waste" initiative gave fabric scraps a second life, while Tropic teams in India and Madagascar joined the party, collecting leftover materials and donating upcycled t-shirts and bags. Several other business units also organized clean-ups and campaigns to engage and educate communities and raise awareness about waste sorting. 


Teamwork pays off! 

These efforts weren't solo acts. CIEL Textile partnered with 31 external partners including NGOs, government schools, pollution control boards, and local communities. It was a true team effort, proving that positive environmental change is stronger when we work together. 

Our investment of $8,000+ in these initiatives sparked a wave of support, raising an additional $3,500+ for our future green projects.  


Act for Our Environment might be over for this year, but CIEL's commitment to the planet is an ongoing story. These initiatives are a testament to the collective power we have, to make a difference, one tree, one recycled scrap, one clean river at a time. 


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