Digital Printing at CDL: On our Journey to become a Sustainable Fashion Partner

We often forget what it takes when the final product is successfully launched!


Here, we are talking about the strong presence of Technology in each and every complexity in the production of textile garments.


With a rising demand for printed fabrics, our teams at CDL have worked with passion to find an innovative approach to fashion.

Here’s how they integrated Digital Printing in their day–to–day operations!


The textile digital printing holds more advantages than we can imagine. It is in fact a sustainable epitome.


Here’s how.

Through the;

  • Elimination of screen preparation (which usually used metal and space in the traditional printing)
  • Reduction  of water and energy consumption
  • Speed capacity of 2000 m per day
  • Production of less waste
  • Production of unlimited repeat size
  • Speed for sampling (3 days instead of 2 weeks)
  • High print definitions and unlimited colours


This investment is bringing us closer to our sustainability objectives while achieving our ultimate goal: Customer Satisfaction.


Amazing! Right?


Stay tuned to know more on our next step towards digilisation!