Amazing! We turned a swamp into a beautiful lake!

Bengaluru, the City of Lakes!


Some years ago, you could trek around to relax and enjoy the beauty of Bengaluru Lakes. Light in to Kallubalu Lake, very near to our Jigani Factory. Very sadly, garbage dumping, defecation, heavy metals and debris have worsened the lake’s water quality.


But, we care! Here’s how : 


Aquarelle India team turned a swamp into a beautiful lake! They teamed up with local councils and corporate bodies to form a public-private partnership. Why? To restore the lake and protect its flora and fauna. It took a while, but the effort the team has toiled has been worthwhile. Today, Kallubalu Lake presents a totally different picture, boasting clear shallows and grassy lakeshore. 


To date, we have clocked several days of working with our partners to:

plant trees

breed local aquatic species

restructure water flow systems


create jobs for the local community


A small step that inspires big hope.

High-five & Bravo to the team for saving the Kallubalu Lake.


Where should we go next?



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