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Aquarelle Madagascar goes the extra smile

Say cheese! Earlier this year, 125 children affected by cleft palate condition woke up from their successful surgery to discover their new smiles, and beautiful toiletry bags made with love by Aquarelle Antsirabe teams. 


Cut and sown from leftover fabric by the manufacturing team, these bags provided convenient and comfy room for hygiene kits helping the young patients with their post-operative care. Beyond its practical use, it’s a great way to commit to circular economy by creating value and avoiding waste at the same time! This handy present will stand the test of time and serve as a memento for this milestone in these children’s lives. 


As part of the Group’s Act for our Community program, this gesture of solidarity forms part of a longstanding partnership. Indeed, Aquarelle and Laguna Madagascar teamed up with Operation Smile, the NGO who leads these free surgery campaigns, since 2017. This commitment means a lot to CIEL Textile, as we believe that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare, whatever the age, gender or economic situation. 


What is a cleft palate? 

It is a birth defect that leaves the child with a cavity between the mouth and the nose. This can sometimes cause feeding, speaking and hearing problems. Although the surgery is not very long, countries of Sub-Saharan Africa have some of the lowest rates of cleft palate repairs. Not enough expertise and a lack of resources are mainly to blame. And that’s why this cause is so important to us! 


Why team up with Operation Smile? 

This leading NGO understands the challenge and finds solutions. They provide medical expertise, training, mentorship, research and care through dedicated staff and volunteers every region needs. More importantly, by working alongside local governments, non-profits, and health systems around the globe, they come closer to bridging the gap to free healthcare. 


Across our countries of operation, CIEL Textile collects miles and makes smiles happen, as we Act for our Community! 


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