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Empowering education: Aquarelle Antsirabe transforms a public primary school in Madagascar

According to a UNICEF report, Madagascar's education system is highly vulnerable, with almost 60% of Malagasy children unable to attend preschool. A key component of CIEL Textile’s sustainable development goals is to ensure quality education for all. 

Mission accomplished for Aquarelle Antsirabe!  

In April 2023, our teams at Aquarelle Antsirabe embarked on an ambitious project: giving École Primaire Publique (EPP) Mandaniresaka a nice glow-up.  

Dating back to 1956, the school’s aging infrastructure needed to be freshened up. A revamped physical structure will boost motivation for both teachers and students, setting the stage for quality education.  

Jump to January 2024, and voila! The finishing touches are done, and we are so happy about it! But this is only the beginning… 


Creating a fresh space for students to grow 

Pictures don’t lie! Over the past nine months, we transformed the institution’s facilities to create a safe and nurturing environment for learning. Fresh paint, nice and practical school furniture, and even a brand-new perimeter wall for extra safety! Obviously, the first to benefit from this upgrade are the 354 students, but also the school staff, the parents, and the neighborhood as well. 

“Looking at our school from the outside, it’s like a whole new place after the Aquarelle Antsirabe team worked their magic. The walls got a fresh coat of paint, and all those repairs make everything feel brand new. It’s not just a facelift; it’s like a breath of fresh air for us and our students. They love it, and we’ve got new students showing up too! The new fences also keep our students safe, giving the place a cool vibe, especially with the new gate. No more worries about kids wandering off. As teachers, we feel re-energized working in this revamped space”, shares Marie Solange Raharisoa, teacher at EPP Mandaniresaka. 

A special event was organized for them to further foster a sense of belonging to the company and raise awareness about this project. 


A long-term commitment from Aquarelle Antsirabe 

Kudos to our Aquarelle team members! Many of them rolled up their sleeves to take part in the painting works. But it’s not just about revamping the physical structure. We're all in for helping build up vital skills and educational programs at the school too. 

“Besides the notable improvement in infrastructure, we were also delighted to witness how committed our team members were. Getting them directly involved in the project sparked a CSR vibe within our team, making us feel like one big family and giving everyone a morale boost,” stated Katuscia Joelle, Sustainability Lead at Aquarelle Antsirabe. 

And this isn’t a one-off gig, but a long-term commitment for us. We have dedicated our CSR Fund to projects like these because we believe in making a lasting impact on the communities we serve. 

Here’s to a new chapter for the school, filled with hope and better opportunities for the students! 


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