It’s Official: The CIEL Textile Graduate Program is on!

It’s official! The CIEL Textile Graduate Program is on in Madagascar.

Our teams kicked off with the launching of this beautiful initiative on Saturday 12th February 2022.


Here’s the concept: 29 fresh Malagasy graduates are ready to onboard in a two-year program where they will have the opportunity to work with our ‘Olympic Teams’ to learn and grow while participating in various projects within the group: marketing, production, sustainability…


The CIEL Textile Graduate Program is an exclusive opportunity for ambitious and talented young individuals to interact with the CIEL Textile Leaders and to work closely with the biggest international brands such as Lacoste, Marks & Spencer, Asos, Puma, and Levis. 

‘Through this program, we aim at developing local talents to enable them to become the future leaders at CIEL Textile’, says Sandrine Duglat, General Manager at Tropic Madagascar.

What’s the next step? 

 ‘This initiative is truly at the heart of our corporate strategy and vision to develop a dynamic workforce that will enable us to build and prepare the skills we need to become The Best Global Fashion Partner’, says Eric Dorchies, CEO at CIEL Textile.

And yes, these fresh graduates shall earn the possibility to get permanent contract based on their performance.

Very soon hopefully, we’ll launch the CIEL Textile Graduate Program in our other CIEL Textile countries!

Stay tuned to learn more on our future goals.