LAGUNA INDIA : Let’s help Kanakapura with a better Medi-care service!

Kanakapura is an ideal getaway from Bangalore.  
The city is renowned for its nature, exciting activities, and yummy organic food. 

Apart from its beauty lies its very sad facet! The inhabitants have access to very basic medical facilities only. And, as such, they have to go to Bangalore, the only nearest city which is 60 km away for further diagnosis. 


Understanding their plight, our team, from the local factory LAGUNA, decided to approach this situation.


What did they do?
Determined to improve health conditions on-site, they brought free medical facilities to the villages via Medical Camps

Lab investigations
Opthalmology facilities
Dental filling and Extractions
General physician/General surgeon
Cardiac / ECG Services
Orthopedics/ECHO facilities
Obstetrician-gynecologist services
Eye Check-up and glasses distribution


The LAGUNA team ensured to repeat this event every year since 2014. And through the 14 Mega Health Camps organized, they have been able to help more than 20,000 inhabitants to date.

Performing small actions with passion has become part of our culture at CIEL Textile. This is how we started our sustainability journey while helping our community in Kanakapura. 

A small step that inspires big hope.

Stay tuned to know our next step!