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Malagasy children discover their refreshed school thanks to Floreal Antsirabe

School is cool! Reiterating its commitment to education, Floreal Antsirabe gifted public school "Sainte Thérèse de l'enfant Jésus" with a major makeover which certainly had a tremendous impact. 


Community collaboration leads to remarkable transformation

The grounds were barely adequate before this massive intervention gathering over 250 people. Floreal Antsirabe employees along with teachers, and students’ parents got together to bring the vision to life. Thanks to their help, this school is now the perfect, lively place for learning and making new friends.  


Guess what made it all worth the effort? The smiles of 98 students and 12 teachers discovering the result of this teamwork between Floreal Antsirabe and members of the community. They can now blossom and learn in 5 fully renovated classrooms with new benches and freshly painted walls echoing the renewed enthusiasm of students and staff alike… But that’s not it! 


Empowering students with school kits and motivation

This very special school, which keeps underprivileged children thirsty for knowledge, deserved more. Students received school kits to keep them motivated. The gesture was also a breath of fresh air and a sign of encouragement for their parents who do their best to keep their kids in school.  


Why we chose this project 

According to UNICEF, over 1.7 million Malagasy children aged 6-14 are out of school. While the country knows education has the power to eradicate poverty, their school system could use some much-needed help, especially when it comes to funding. That’s why Floreal Antsirabe took on this promising project. 


Promoting equal access to quality education

What better way to give back some well-deserved positive energy to the next generation? This main activity of CIEL Textile’s annual “Act for our Community” program certainly ticked the box of ensuring an equal access to quality education for all. Because creating a conducive environment to foster growth not only empowers the local community of Fokontany Antsongo; it also contributes to alleviating poverty in the long run.  


Continued commitment to community development

Dedicated to helping local communities thrive, this heart-warming makeover is but one of the many actions undertaken by CIEL Textile across the Indian ocean region. 


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