Our initiatives to decrease water consumption at Aquarelle Group

The fashion industry is a huge consumer of water globally. And hence, there is an important role for fashion, fiber and textile manufacturing to play in minimizing water use in the production of garments. 


Here’s how, our teams at Aquarelle and Laguna in Mauritius, Madagascar, and India are driving their efforts to decrease water usage in their daily operations through: 


  • Rainwater Harvesting -13,272 m3 of water collected in 2021 which is mainly used for irrigation and cleaning purposes  


  • Installation of push taps in toilet which helped in reducing consumption by 30 % 


  • Use of drip irrigation system which helps reducing water consumption by 30 % 


  • Recovery of hot condensate from boiler to 90% return 


We're definitely aiming at improving these figures and reducing our water consumption.


Our teams throughout CIEL Textile are paving towards the same philosophy and aim to reduce water intensity by 10% by 2030.


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