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From scraps to sustainable paper trims: Laguna India's initiative to reduce textile waste

At CIEL Textile, we’re aiming to improve fashion through technology and sustainability. Recently, our efforts led to an amazing accomplishment at Laguna India: turning textile waste into sustainable trims! 


The challenge: tackling textile waste 

Every year, around 92 million tons of textile waste end up in landfills, releasing harmful greenhouse gases (GHGs) that contribute to global warming. Additionally, traditional paper production for trims (used as back support and collar interplay) relies on recycled paper with unclear provenance.  

Laguna India, determined to address environmental and traceability issues, embarked on a mission to reduce fabric waste per garment. This wasn't an easy feat, as the apparel manufacturing process typically generates a massive amount of waste. 


The sustainable solution: transforming waste into value 

We developed a responsible and innovative method to transform cotton fabric waste from our factory floors into functional and eco-friendly paper trims. This closed loop approach not only reduces textile waste but also offers a traceable and sustainable alternative to traditional trims production. 


Here's how our reduced fabric waste production process works: 

Chemical-free and solar-dried fabric scraps are shredded and transformed into pulp without harsh chemicals. The paper is then naturally dried to further minimize the environmental footprint. 

Protecting the trees and our planet: Our process uses only 1/10th of the resources required for conventional paper production, saving precious trees! 

Repurposing textile waste: The resulting paper is then transformed into beautiful and functional trims, eliminating the need for paper, as traditionally used, and reducing waste per garment. 


The impact: Eco-conscious garments with reduced fabric waste! 

Laguna India’s ongoing initiative is a small step toward an ambitious goal:  

A greener future: We further look to divert a substantial amount of fabric waste from landfills, preventing harmful emissions. 

Circular sustainability: By utilizing waste to create trims and packaging, we've eliminated the reliance on virgin resources in these areas. 


One step toward 0% Textile Waste 

This initiative by the Laguna India teams is a milestone in our quest for zero fabric waste per garment, marking a significant step toward a more sustainable future. 

At CIEL Textile, we're constantly seeking new ways to minimize our environmental impact and contribute to a circular economy where waste finds new life. Join us in shaping a Zero waste to landfill future by 2030! 


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