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From waste to WOW: Aquarelle Samudra reimagines waste

At our Aquarelle Samudra facility in Karnataka, India, we’re turning waste into valuable items with our Wealth Out of Waste (WOW) initiative. We are transforming scraps into books and rugs that are useful as well as sustainable. Here’s how: 


6 tons of textile waste removed from landfills

WOW is our ongoing project aimed at transforming waste into eco-friendly products. It all started on 5th of June 2021, on International Environment Day, when we organized our first event. Since then, we have been on a mission to reimagine waste and create value from it. Through consistent efforts of our employees and nearby villagers, every scrap of cloth finds a new purpose. In 2023, we moved 6 tons of textile waste from landfills, converting it into beautiful handmade rugs and books.  


Championing sustainability, empowering local communities

This initiative is part of the “Act for our Environment” project at CIEL Textile. We're striving to shrink our ecological footprint and champion sustainability. 


With careful work, what could have been thrown away becomes eco-friendly books, rugs, and more. Plus, the money from rug sales goes back into community and environmental projects, and we give the notebooks to kids in nearby villages! So, we're cutting our carbon footprint while making a positive difference in communities around us. 


What’s next: Targeting 8 to 10 tons of waste conversion

We're all set to keep the positive momentum going in the year ahead. Our projections for 2024-25 estimate 8-10 tons of waste conversion. Sustainability is a journey, and we're constantly evolving. 


As our WOW initiative brings change, join us in our sustainability journey. Through mindful waste management, we each play a part in creating a brighter, sustainable future. 


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